Friday, 22 April 2011


  • Entry kali nie tentang persahabatan..........
  •  Sebenar nya nak post puisi jerk....huhuhuhuhu =)
True Friends...

You would be there,
When i need somebody,
You would be there,
The only one who should help me,
 You give me strength,
To stand alone,
And face the world,
Out of my own,
My dear friends,
I love the way you love me,
And you would always,
Be in my mind,in my heart..=)


Sometime sweet,
Sometime sour,
But that is the taste of life!

It give the meaning to the life,
And love,
But also be with you,
They are the star in the sky,
Sometime missing,
Sometime shinning,
But do not worry,
It's owez there for you.

We need friendship,
Throught a friend,
Throught a life,
Throught love...=)
  •  Terimalah entry tengah malam ku....Eh,malam ker?????Entry b4 subuh la...hehehehehe =)

Mood > misS oll my friends Soooo muchhhh..!!

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